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now Accepting New skaters throughout 2016


We accept skaters of all skill levels and genders through our ‘fresh meat’ training program.  Our dedicated coaches are happy to teach you how to skate, so absolutely no previous experience is required.


What do I need?

Gear and a positive attitude!

Roller derby requires quad skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet and mouth guard to participate. We wear full gear at all times during training and on the track. We have a store of gear (sans mouth guards) we able to loan to beginner skaters before they decide to purchase their own. Simply let us know that you'll like to borrow some gear and your shoe size when you get in touch with us.

All skaters require skate insurance, purchased through Skate Victoria, to participate. Our treasurer will arrange this with you when you join SCD. For more information on prices, membership and dues, please contact us using the form below.


What can i expect?


Training for new skaters, or "fresh meat" as they are colloquially known in the sport is run a little differently at SCD. To ensure we stay accessible to all skaters and FIFO and shift worker friendly, we base our training around skill competency as opposed to time frames. This means that as opposed to our traditional 12-week training cycle followed by assessment, you will work your way through the skills appropriate to your level and, when you are confident, you can assess with one of our coaches. Whether you can skate once a week, twice a week, or every day even, you will always be working towards improving your skills and that team roster.

You are invited to participate in either or both of our weekly training sessions, where you will train with a dedicated fresh meat coach. All levels of skater train at each session, so you will have the support and community of the advanced and intermediate skaters to help you through. You learn how to fall safely (Because we all do it and still do it), stop safely, how to develop your skate stride, how to step, jump and carve the track. Our level one (fresh meat) skaters do not participate in any contact drills until they have completed assessment and moved into level 2. You will develop your endurance and balance, and learn the basic rules and structure of the game. You will be provided with a skills book, in which your coach will sign off skills you have learnt and demonstrated so both yourself and the coaches can keep a track of your progress. Once your skills book is completed, you will be able to sit a practical skating assessment with our coaching coordinator, and an online rules test to move into our level two 12 program.

Level 2 skaters are issued another skills book to complete, with a greater focus on game strategy and higher level skating skills. As a level 2, you will train with our advanced skaters and are introduced to training based scrimmage. Once your skill set is solid and the skills book is once again completed by your coaches, you will set another practical and online assessment and graduate to a level three advanced skater, eligible for team selection and participation in interleague scrimmage.


Ok, but really, how hard is it?


Learning something new is always hard at times, especially as an adult it seems. We place a strong focus on safe falling and skating technique during your fresh meat training, with constant supervision by your dedicated coach. Your success is not measured by how many times you fall, but how times you get up. Your fitness will increase, your confidence will improve as you conquer skills each week and start busting out the moves you watched other skaters do and never thought you could. You will form a strong support base with the league, and you find strength and encouragement through your teammates both on and off the track.


But I don't to play roller derby? I just want to skate!

Swan City Derby welcomes recreational skaters, meaning people want to learn to skate and participate in our training but not compete in games. Our Level one program is perfect for everyone looking to learn to roller skate! You'll get taught by trainedcoaches in a safe and supportive environment. Our skaters also love to outdoor and bowl skate (Check out Chicks in bowls for more on the quad revolution taking over the parks!) so you'll be sure to find skate buddies keen to roll with you,. whatever you want to do.


Do you accept visiting skaters and transfer skaters?


We welcome visiting skaters and skaters looking to make our flock their home. If you'd like to visit our training or looking for more info about becoming a Swan City skater, hit up our interleague email:


I want in! how do i find out more?


Great! Contact us via the form below to get in touch and receive and information kit including sign up information. If you'd like to see what we are all about, you are always welcome to visit one of our twice weekly training sessions as a spectator.


Leisurefit melville, 431 canning highway. THURSDAYS 7pm til 9pm


SOUTH LAKE LEISURE CENTRE, 90 south lake drive. saturdays 10am til 12pm


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