Bringing full contact, co-ed roller derby to Western Australia since 2013

SCD is a grass roots, not for profit roller derby league run by our skaters, for our skaters. We pride ourselves on our core values of inclusiveness, integrity and providing a supportive and empowering environment to skaters of all ages, backgrounds, skill levels and identities.


What is roller derby?

What began as endurance races with collisions and hits for lead evolved into the legitimate sport we love today. Governed by the rule set of the WFTDA, Roller derby has grown since it’s inception in WA in 2008 to 13 leagues state wide and 89 across the country comprising women’s, men’s, junior and co-ed roller derby leagues.


We accept skaters of all skill levels and genders through our ‘fresh meat’ training program.  Our dedicated coaches are happy to teach you how to skate, so absolutely no previous experience is required.



THE League

We compete in female, male and mixed gender roller derby. We bout and scrimmage regularly throughout the year, traveling regionally and interstate to compete, build our skills and meet and learn from new leagues and new skaters.